L’orto di Podere Vignali


Different varieties of tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant, fresh basil and more … for my cooking classes i use only vegetables coming from the garden of Podere Vignali and other local farms. Fresh and genuine vegetables at km0 for delicious and tasty  recipes !!!

… all  San Marzano tomatoes are almost ready for the tomato sauce: it will be prepared soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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3 responses to “L’orto di Podere Vignali

  1. I love your font! What do you use?

    • giovibi

      I use Acuta by Anatoletype from typekit.com !!! I like your blog and i want to try the pie recipe on it … it seems so good !!! If you come to Tuscany, come and visit me so you can try some tuscan good food and sweets! Giovanna

  2. Ale

    E Sono anche molto buone!!!!!!! Quasi le migliori!!!!!!!!!!!!

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