Around the world it’s possible to discover so many different varietals of honey, based on where the bees are sourcing their nectar. Most of the time we do not know varietals, their taste, which flowers they come from and all the job that bees have done to produce it. Our Honey Tasting is thought to make people know, try, taste, smell all the varietals of honey produced from country flowers grown in Tuscany.

During the Tasting, each type of Honey will be presented first and then sampled, always paired with different foods based on their flavor profile. All foods will come from local farms.

We start your Honey Adventure  , introducing you in the bee world and their caste system, how they produce the golden liquid and how they store it in the hives. Beside we bring you in a everyday activity  for a beekeeper !
Children are welcome !!!

Timing: Afternoon, from 3pm to 6pm
Cost: € 50,00 per person
Minimum Number of Partecipants: 1

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