Who I Am !!!

My name is Giovanna and “CRAZYaboutTUSCANY” is my personal blog where everybody can find opinions, thoughts and discuss what happens in Tuscany, particularly in the territory of Grosseto and Pisa !!!
But it is also the website where I present my job as a touristic activity planner for tastings, cooking classes, parties and events.
I love organizing special moments and creating events that can help our guests to discover this beautiful region: Tuscany!!! This website has different sections: Taste&Tasting, Cooking Classes, Party&Party ; all the sections share two principles: the passion for everything that has to do with food and cooking and how to form relationships. I believe our daily life has taken away the pleasure of staying together, meeting people and knowing things outside our everyday routine. That’s why I want to create occasions and events where you can rediscover the joy of togetherness and learn more about traditions, places, recipes and everything is about Tuscany. I also want you to discover special and unknown places, farms and tuscan agricoltural products to make you living an adventure everyday.
In all the activities guests will find delicoius meals, good wines, home made cakes, biscuits and liquors and a friendly and relaxing atmosphere!!!

WELCOME to people who love tasting their life !!!

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